Peace Café, University of Dhaka Celebrated International Youth Day

On the occasion of “International Youth Day-2021” Peace Café, University of Dhaka (PC, DU) organized a 2-day-long virtual celebration from 11th to 12th August. The celebration included a Video Message Campaign, a webinar and publishing a write up regarding the remarkable day.

Video Message Campaign 

There was a video message campaign ran by the Peace Café, University of Dhaka from the Facebook page of PC, DU from 11th to 12th August. Rabeya Sathi was in charge of the video team. Fairuj Humaira Fabiha, Krishna Banik Pushpita, Noor Narah Shukanna, Kamrun Nahar Muna, Faria Rahman, Barsha Ahmed, Arunima Tahsin filmed their messages regarding youth’s contribution towards social development. Tasfia Saba Anu made another short video relevant with this year’s IYD theme, this video also was posted from the official page of PC, DU as an important part of the International Youth Day Celebration.

Webinar on Youth Innovation for Building an Equitable Food System

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2021, Peace Café, University of Dhaka arranged a one and half an hour-long webinar on 12 August from 10-11.30 AM. The webinar titled ” Youth Innovation for Building an Equitable Food System” which clearly reflects this year’s theme for Youth Day. The program was moderated by Noor Nahar Shukanna, member of Peace Café, University of Dhaka. A total of 20 participants were attended the webinar on the occasion of International Youth Day. Officials from Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), Brac University and UN Women were present there as guests. Zia Uddin, Technical Adviser of CPJ, BracU, Nilufa Sultana Sheta, Programme Coordinator, CPJ, BracU and Tania Sharmin Program Analyst of UN Women attended the event as guest speakers.


Members of the peace café discussed different spectrums of how youth can be engaged in diversified challenges like environment, technology, social stereotypes and innovations. The discussion progressed from local to global issues. Also, they emphasized on the matter regarding youth advocacy to reduce food waste, carbon footprint and to establish an equitable food system with a sustainable and inclusive society. Both of the guest speakers shared their thoughts on the importance of youth innovations and involvement in food security and environmental balance, as well as, encouraged participants to contribute in the development of planetary health.

After the discussion session and remarks from guests, a song and recitation were performed by the members of Peace Café to uplift the ambience. The program concluded with promising video messages highlighting youth spirit from the organizers. Noor Naha Shukanna shared her vote of thanks to guests, and all team members. She wished that everyone specially youth will follow the suggestions from guests and ended up the webinar.


To celebrate the significances of International Youth Day, one writing content was published from the official Facebook page of PC, DU on 12th August. The narrative part was written by Tahia Jannati and the visual banner was created by Tasfia Saba Anu. Both of them belongs to the peace café’s executive team.